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Lisbon: Holiday Magic with Best Buy Canada

We love the holidays. It’s a time for family, togetherness, egg nog, and twinkle lights. Ever since our baby boy Ollie has come along, our excitement for this holiday season has become insurmountable – somehow, this year seems more special than the last! (Hmm….wonder why?!) For the last few years, we had decided to get ourselves one meaningful present together, rather than multiple gifts for each other. Last year, it was a drone (except we’ve since crashed it, RIP drone – we miss you!), and this year, we came up with something that encompasses the magic of 2018, representing togetherness that we both could enjoy. It sounds so cliché snd cheesy, but seriously, what’s better than the gift that keeps on giving?

Picking out postcards at the Stop Shop in Lisbon
the perfect location to snap a pic - Elelvador de bica
browsing for postcards at ler devagar

The holiday season can sometimes be challenging for us. As bloggers, we travel extensively for work, and both live away from our families. (In no way are we complaining; we are so lucky to live this life!) We wanted to connect with our family this holiday season in a unique way, so we decided to gift ourselves the Fujifilm Instax camera from Best Buy to capture snapshots of our travels. While travelling in Portugal, we used our Instax camera to take photos of our first big trip overseas with Oliver. We took it everywhere with us and snapped shots of us devouring the delicious and infamous Pasteis de Belém, wandering aimlessly through the colourful neighbourhoods of Lisbon, marvelling at the intricate Portuguese architecture, and escaping to fairytale Sintra to see the castles. We brought our JOBY GorillaPod 325 Tripod along, the lightest, most versatile tripod we could find, so we could easily snap family photos of all three of us. Each snapshot represents a memory and a moment in time that we wish we could share with our friends and family back home. 

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Capturing the beauty at Pena Palace, Sintra
Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

We’d heard about a popular brunch spot in Lisbon called Dear Breakfast, and we decided to check it out. We brought postcards with us from some of our favourite spots we’d visited in Lisbon and spent a morning recounting our journeys. We attached the Instax mini snaps of our trip to the postcards and addressed them to our family members back home. How much fun is it to write a postcard?! Yeah, we could have emailed photos we’ve taken with our phones instantly, but there’s something special about receiving handwritten postcards in the mail and seeing pictures in the flesh. Although our family may not be with us, at least we can share a bit of the magic and send a piece of our adventures back home. 

At Best Buy, the possibilities for finding gifts that will bring us all closer are endless. Technology allows us to connect with the people we love in a million different ways; it’s just a matter of finding what makes you tick. We’re striving to make this holiday season more meaningful by shopping with intention; so far, we think we’re on the right track.

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