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A Visit to the Fraser Valley Wine Region

Deep in the beautiful, lush countryside of the Fraser Valley lies the Fraser Valley Wine Region. Some of British Columbia’s most unique handcrafted wines are made right here, and if you’re from the Lower Mainland, you don’t have to travel far to immerse yourself in wine country! In fact, there are actually nine wine-growing regions in BC that are experiencing their harvest right now, from Vancouver Island all the way to the Shuswap. 

Only a short distance from Vancouver, the Fraser Valley makes for a lovely fall destination for a wine tasting escape. Indulge in some diverse and delicious wines, enjoy the scenic and picturesque landscape, have a picnic on a grassy lawn in a backyard setting, or wander through the beautiful rows of vines. It’s unreal that we have these locations right in our backyard! There’s something so special about visiting the vineyards where some of our favourite wines are made and meeting the people behind each bottle. We took the opportunity during BC’s Harvest Season to experience four of Fraser Valley’s spectacular wineries on a fall overnight escape. 

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Our first stop: Singletree Winery

Singletree Winery is a quaint and beautiful family-run winery nestled in the countryside. We got to meet Roper, their beautiful rescue horse, Maddy, the family dog, (and the loveliest gentle giant), and members of the wonderful family behind the whole operation. We wandered through rows of vines while enjoying some sweet Pinot Gris grapes, just ready for harvesting. We sampled some of their treasured wines in their stunning tasting room overlooking the forested acreage, and took advantage of the charcuterie picnic kits they have available, all sourced from local neighbouring farms. Their newly expanded picnic area was the perfect spot to eat lunch while sipping on a glass of our favourite Singletree wine. You can feel the love and passion this family has for the outdoors – we highly recommend a visit here to experience it for yourself!

Wine of choice: Singletree Victory.

Our second stop: Seaside Pearl

When visiting Seaside Pearl, you’ll be taken aback by the uniqueness of this winery! Set inside a chapel, this eclectic space mixes sparkling chandeliers with neon signs and paintings that sweep across the ceiling. Have a glass of wine or a tasting inside, or enjoy their outdoor patio setting overlooking the vineyards and the rolling hills of the Mount Lehman region. If you’re lucky like us, you’ll happen upon harvest season and you’ll get to witness the process of de-stemming thousands of grapes and shooting them into giant stainless steel canisters, ready to start fermentation. It was our first experience witnessing the actual production of wine, and it was absolutely fascinating! We even got to sample the “unfinished” wine straight from the source. Love the sense of connection with the community and history of the land here, as the owners choose to tell a story with the names of each wine and the historical images used on their wine labels.

Wine of choice: 2018 Lover’s Lane Cabernet Franc.

Our third stop: Backyard Vineyards

As soon as we arrived at Backyard Vineyards, we felt right at home. Their friendly crew greeted us warmly, and one of their resident experts, Ted, took us on a tour of the grounds. There wasn’t anything about grapes or wine that Ted didn’t know! Grab a charcuterie board of crackers and cheeses and enjoy a glass of wine out near the vineyards, or perhaps in their beautiful wooden gazebo. There’s something about this welcoming winery that makes you feel like sipping wine and picnicking in a backyard setting! On a cooler or rainier fall day, sit inside their cozy indoor space, now open for tastings. We learned so much about the unbelievable process of turning grapes into wine, and how many steps it actually takes before the final product is bottled and ready for us to enjoy. The expertise shared by their expert winemaker, Liam, and all the intricacies and attention to detail behind the production of each type of wine was astounding – we will now have a new appreciation every time we open a bottle!

Our favourite Backyard Vineyards wine: the 2017 Reserve Cabernet Franc.

Our fourth stop: Chaberton Winery

Known as the region’s oldest winery, Chaberton was first opened back in 1975. With over 50 acres of vineyards, Chaberton produces over 50,000 cases of wine a year, made from both grapes grown in their own vineyard, and from grapes grown in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Take a wine tour, check out their impressive barrel room, and enjoy a wine tasting indoors or outside in their picnic area. After a lovely and informative tasting, we headed over to Chaberton’s esteemed French restaurant, Bacchus Bistro, for an incredible dinner. Sitting outside on their covered and heated patio was such a treat on a beautiful fall day! Enjoy authentic French dishes all prepared with local ingredients and a West Coast twist, paired with your favourite Chaberton wine.

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