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Home Sweet Home with our Dyson Cyclone v10

For the past seven years we lived in a one bedroom apartment in Fairview, Vancouver, just bordering on Kitsilano. We loved everything about our neighbourhood; our street was quiet, we’d wake up to the sound of birds chirping, and could walk to the cafes and shops in Kits or on Granville street within minutes. Our place, however, was old, small, and, (ugh), carpeted. But it was ours, and we made a home there – despite having shared laundry and no dishwasher. In this competitive Vancouver rental market, who really cares when you’re actually paying below average rent, and when we were always out of town or saving our money for trips?!

When we found out we were expecting a baby, we knew things had to change, despite this meaning we’d have to let go of our staggeringly low rent. After months and months of searching, we finally found a place nestled on the edge of Mount Pleasant that we fell in love with, and with just enough room for our soon-to-be family of three. We poured over decor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram and spent months slowly filling our apartment with furniture, while bringing home one too many plants along the way. It was so fun to play with a space that has amazing light and – for the first time in a long time – hardwood floors! Finding the perfect rug made us excessively happy (is that a sign that we’re adults now – that a new rug is a source of happiness?!), but this also meant we had to find the best way to keep our new floors clean.

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After loads of research, we found our absolute favourite new appliance, the Dyson Cyclone V10. No joke, this vacuum has become Reub’s BFF – he uses it literally EVERY DAY. With up to 60 minutes of straight battery time, it’s more than enough for our space. It comes with several different attachments for every type of surface we have – hardwood floors, a deep pile rug, tiles, our couch, shelves and hard surfaces, and those hard-to-reach high windowsills. The V10 is so light and has the most powerful suction of any cord-free vacuum, we had no idea what we were missing before. (Cords are the worst!) With baby joining us soon, we’ve become slightly obsessed with nesting and keeping things clean, and the Dyson V10 makes it effortless.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a sneak peek of our (almost) complete home and home office – welcome! Summer here has been a dream. We’re focussing on lots of neutrals, keeping it light, airy and minimalistic, all while on a budget. We’re always changing things and adding new textures and pieces to the space, although baby proofing has become our reality. Baby’s nursery is still getting its final touches, and we can’t wait to share it soon!

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