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Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items

BABYTRAVELESSENTIALS Our2must havetravelitems - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items

In the first year of our baby Oliver’s life, we’ve been here, there, and back again. We’ve taken him on flights across the world, on island ferry rides, countless road trips, camping, and to cabins in the woods. We are so in love with this new world of travel as a family of three, and while we are still learning how to make our trips as seamless as possible, (cause we should be clear here, travelling with an infant is NOT a walk in the park!), there are a few must-have baby items that have made our travels a whole lot easier.

If you’re looking to purchase some kids travel gear for upcoming adventures, we’ve got a pro tip for you: Best Buy sells baby products! Not only do they carry some of the best brands, but they also have great prices. Here are the two things we just couldn’t live without, and would 100% recommend to anyone looking to travel with a baby.

ErgoBabyOmni360 AlabamaHills - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
Ergo Baby Omni 360 - Alabama Hills, CA
MountainBuggyNano PalmSpringsCA - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
Mountain Buggy Nano - Palm Springs, CA

1. The Ergobaby Omni 360 

As Ollie began to grow bigger and our shoulders and back got increasingly sore from carrying him around, we tried what felt like every possible carrier before we settled on the Ergobaby Omni 360. We had so many parents recommend it to us as a must-have item, and we should have just listened without doing any additional research. After tirelessly trying multiple products, we found that there isn’t a more comfortable, easy to use, safe and effective carrier for our family than the Ergobaby. It’s perfectly padded and oh-so-comfy, and we’d repurchase it in a heartbeat. Ollie loves exploring in it too, whether we’re out on a hike or roaming through a new city!

Here are our favourite features:

  • Has an ergonomic, forward-facing option
  • Padded shoulders that offer massive comfort
  • Lumbar and hip support for proper weight distribution as your baby gets bigger.
  • Machine washable (a lifesaver, trust us!)
  • Great for breastfeeding on the go
  • Fits babies from 12lbs to 45lbs (long term use!)
  • Easy to adjust straps to fit both parents

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Victoria, BC
CaliforniaUSA ErgoBabyOmni360 - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
Mountain Buggy Nano - Palm Springs, CA

2. The Mountain Buggy Nano

When Ollie was still small, we naively thought we could manage to travel without bringing a stroller. While on some trips, you may be able to get away with just bringing a carrier, we’ve avoided some severe headaches by bringing our travel stroller with us on every journey. The Mountain Buggy Nano was recommended to us before Ollie was born for several key features: it’s easy to fold up, super light and compact, small enough to be brought on flights as carry-on, equipped with an on-board car seat adapter to accommodate most leading car seat brands, and sturdy enough to survive more rugged trips. Since we brought it with us on our first overseas trip to New York, Lisbon and London, we haven’t been able to recommend it enough. It’s been toted through Times Square, used as a trolly through airports to lug around extra luggage and bags, pushed up and down the hilly cobblestoned streets of Lisbon, and up and down and all around through the London Underground. Its built-in rear wheel suspension and swivel ability makes it perfect for international travel, allowing you to weave through narrow spaces and over uneven surfaces and roads with ease. The best part is, Ollie seems to LOVE it, and having a baby love a stroller is a huge WIN in our minds!

Lisbon, Portugal
NewYorkUSA - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
New York, USA
LondonUK - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
Victoria, BC
Lisbon MountainBuggyNano - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items
Lisbon, Portugal

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BABYTRAVELESSENTIALS Our2must havetravelitems - Our 2 Must-Have Baby Travel Items

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