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7 Must-Have Baby Travel Products

If you’re a parent planning a trip with kids, it can be overwhelming to think about all the things you need to bring along. BUT, having the right travel products for your kiddos can make your adventure a total success! If you’re planning a family vacation, be sure to check out our list of our absolute must-have baby travel products.

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7-Must-Have Baby Travel Products

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1. Skip Hop Universal Stroller Organizer

The Skip Hop Universal Stroller Organizer is a fantastic product that helps keep all of your essentials organized and within easy reach while pushing a stroller. It may seem like something small, but this is a game changer for your stroller life on the road. Couldn’t live without it!


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2. Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller

After TONS of research, we discovered that the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller is an incredible travel companion for parents who want a lightweight, compact stroller that is easy to maneuver and transport. This stroller is perfect for parents who are always on the go and need a stroller that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and store, (it’s only 13lbs, easy to fold up and comes with a carrying case!) and it’s designed for newborns all the way to 4 years. Bonus, this stroller even fits in overhead compartments on most airlines! We’ve taken ours through NYC, London, Paris, Rome, Sicily and along the cobbled streets of Lisbon, and we even love to use it locally around town.

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3. Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Carseat Canopy

One of my most used finds! A breastfeeding cover / carseat canopy is a super handy travel accessory for nursing mamas who want to provide their little ones with a comfortable and private space to nurse while on the go. It’s so easy to sling over any outfit (no nursing top required) and is super cozy and discreet. This cover can also be easily attached to a car seat or stroller to give some shade during naps. Its lightweight, breathable fabric also makes it a great option for hot weather, allowing parents to keep their babies cool and comfortable while nursing.


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4. Summer Infant Pop 'N Sit Portable Booster

This is one of the most asked about kids products on our social media channels! This genius chair is so loved in our house – it’s the most practical travel item for kids between 6-months and 4-years old. The Summer Pop ‘n Sit Booster Baby Seat is an activity floor seat and booster all in one, and can be used both indoors and outside. We bring it on all our trips, on picnics, to the beach, camping, and use it either as a portable high chair or a camping seat! It’s easy to clean and folds up nicely into a pouch for easy transport.

5. Portable Window Blackout Curtain

Does your kiddo need to be in a dark room to sleep? This product is perfect for those bright hotel rooms. The Portable Window Blackout Curtain blocks out sunlight and harmful UV rays, reduces outside noise, and ensures total privacy. Plus, it creates an energy-saving, insulating barrier against heat and cold, keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Pop it in your luggage for your next trip, better sleep is just an easy setup away.

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6. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

We tested multiple different carriers with our first kiddo, and the Ergobaby is one of our favourites for travel. It’s considered to be one of the best and most versatile carriers on the market for good reason! With the Ergobaby, you can carry your baby for extended periods of time because it was designed to offer optimal comfort and support for both babe and parent. (It’s the most comfortable on the back and shoulders of all the carriers we tried!) It is also incredibly adaptable, featuring a range of carrying configurations that enable mom or dad to carry their infant in a number of different positions, such as on the front, back, or hip. Because of this, the Ergobaby carrier is a fantastic option for parents looking for a carrier that can develop with their child and meet their evolving demands. You can also pick a design and fabric that best fits your climate and needs!

7. Infant Mobile To Go Travel Toy

We received this mobile as a gift for Daisy, and it’s something we wish we had for Ollie. This is a Wimmer-Ferguson designed toy, the original leader in research based, high contrast colours and images for infant visual development. Attach this mobile wherever you go – at home, on the plane, in the car, (when not on the move), on a stroller! Daisy absolutely adores it and we catch her smiling up at it constantly. The cards are interchangeable to keep things interesting, and the stimulating, high contrast designs will keep a baby’s attention for long periods of time.

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